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Cracker - 100 Flower Power Maximum
Cracker - Aint Gonna Suck Itself
Cracker - Another Song About The Rain
Cracker - Bad Vibes Everybody
Cracker - Be My Love
Cracker - Been Around The World
Cracker - Bicycle Spaniard
Cracker - Big Dipper
Cracker - Blue Danube
Cracker - Blue Rosebuds
Cracker - Brides Of Neptune
Cracker - Bring Us Down
Cracker - Can I Take My Gun To Heaven?
Cracker - China
Cracker - Cinderella
Cracker - Cracker/FSK
Cracker - Darling One
Cracker - Disintegrating
Cracker - Dixie Babylon
Cracker - Don't Fuck Me Up
Cracker - Dr. Bernice
Cracker - Euro - Trash Girl
Cracker - Father Winter
Cracker - Fiddle
Cracker - Forever
Cracker - Friends
Cracker - Fucking Up
Cracker - Gentleman's Blues
Cracker - Get Off This
Cracker - Get Outta My Head
Cracker - Good Times Bad Times
Cracker - Guarded By Monkeys
Cracker - Hallelujah
Cracker - Hand Me My Inhaler
Cracker - Happy Birthday to Me
Cracker - Heaven Knows I'm Lonely Now
Cracker - Hey Bret
Cracker - Hi - Desert Biker Meth Lab
Cracker - Hold of Myself
Cracker - Hollywood Cemetary
Cracker - How Can I Live Without You
Cracker - I Can't Forget You
Cracker - I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right
Cracker - I Drink Water
Cracker - I Hate My Generation
Cracker - I Ride My Bike
Cracker - I See The Light
Cracker - I Want Everything
Cracker - I Want Out of The Circus
Cracker - I'm a Good Old Rebel
Cracker - I'm a Little Rocket Ship
Cracker - James River
Cracker - James River (new version)
Cracker - Kerosene Hat
Cracker - Let's All Be Someone Else
Cracker - Let's Go for a Ride
Cracker - Lonesome Johnny
Cracker - Lonesome Johnny Blues
Cracker - Loser
Cracker - Low
Cracker - Lullabye
Cracker - Maggie
Cracker - Merry Christmas Emily
Cracker - Movie Star
Cracker - Mr. Wrong
Cracker - Ms. Santa Cruz County
Cracker - My Life is Totally Boring Without You
Cracker - Nostalgia
Cracker - Nothing to Believe In
Cracker - One Fine Day
Cracker - Rainy Days Mondays
Cracker - Red Sonja
Cracker - River Euphrates
Cracker - Satisfy You
Cracker - Seven Days
Cracker - Shake Some Action
Cracker - Shameless
Cracker - Shine
Cracker - Show Me How This Thing Works
Cracker - Sick of Goodbyes
Cracker - Someday
Cracker - Something You Ain't Got
Cracker - St. Cajetan
Cracker - Star
Cracker - Steve’s Hornpipe (a.k.a. MacPherson's Hornpipe)
Cracker - Strange
Cracker - Sunday Train
Cracker - Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey
Cracker - Superfan
Cracker - Sweet Magdalena
Cracker - Sweet Magdalena Of My Misfortune
Cracker - Sweet Potato
Cracker - Sweet Thistle Pie
Cracker - Take Me Down to The Infirmary
Cracker - Teen Angst
Cracker - The Eyes of Mary
Cracker - The Golden Age
Cracker - The Good Life
Cracker - The Pagan Birth of Jesus
Cracker - The Shiner Song
Cracker - The World is Mine
Cracker - This is Cracker Soul
Cracker - Time Machine
Cracker - Trials Tribulations
Cracker - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out With Me
Cracker - Useless Stuff
Cracker - Waiting For You Girl (a.k.a. Central Valley Mud)
Cracker - We All Shine a Light
Cracker - Wedding Day
Cracker - What You're Missing
Cracker - What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding
Cracker - Whole Lotta Trouble
Cracker - Wild One
Cracker - Yalla Yalla