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Bring it to the dance floor
Bring it to the dance floor
Bring it to the dance floor
Bring it to the dance floor
Who dance we dance everybody dance
Welcome to the Disco
Left foot first when I go in
Look left look right
Everybody looking
Back at me
Throw my hands up hear them scream
Move my body to the laser beam
One step two step everybody moving
Feel the sweat on my skin
Love the crowd love the scene
Love the girls young old and teens
Short skirt tight skirt tight jeans
Love white love black
Yellow and green
Love them all like a sex machine
I wanna lick them like whip cream
Lick who lick them lick me
I want to party

Throw my hands up in the air
Go through the crowd and make my way
Comon DJ turn it up and let it play
Crank it up all the way
Grab one grab two grab three
One booty two whos grabbing me
Get down get up and turn slow
Let me feel you touch your toe
I wanna hump your bump
Feel you up its getting hot
Rub your body back on mine
Damn baby girl you feel so fine
Yelling timber as I fall
Watch my feet move on the floor
Hear screams begging for more
I wanna party

Everybody knows when I walk in
Tall handsome with a white skin
Party from Atlanta to Berlin
Sarajevo Paris to Dublin
All the cities where Ive been
Calling me mister original sin
Yup thats me so come and see
How we let it be when we party
Scream and jump and go crazy
Thats how we do in the USA
So whos with me down to see
Crazy night where you can be free
Whos ready to party
NY LA San Francisco
Everybody lets do the disco