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Chicago - (i've Been) Searchin' So Long
Chicago - 25 Or 6 To 4
Chicago - 3rd Movement
Chicago - 90 Degrees And Freezing
Chicago - A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast
Chicago - A Hit by Varèse
Chicago - A Hit By Varese
Chicago - A Hit By Varse
Chicago - A Little Bit Of Sunshine
Chicago - A Song for Richard & His Friends
Chicago - A Song For Richard And His Friends
Chicago - Ain't It Blue?
Chicago - Ain't It Time
Chicago - Aire
Chicago - Alive Again
Chicago - Alive Again [Single Version]
Chicago - All I Care About
Chicago - All is Well
Chicago - All Roads Lead to You
Chicago - All The Years
Chicago - Alma Mater
Chicago - Aloha Mama
Chicago - Along Comes a Woman
Chicago - Along Comes a Woman [Single Version]
Chicago - Already Gone
Chicago - Am Mourning
Chicago - America
Chicago - An Hour in the Shower: A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast/Off to ...
Chicago - Another Rainy Day in New York City
Chicago - Another Trippy Day
Chicago - Anxiety's Moment
Chicago - Anyway You Want
Chicago - At The Sunrise
Chicago - Baby What A Big Surprise
Chicago - Back on the Chain Gang
Chicago - Bad Advice
Chicago - Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon
Chicago - Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon: Colour My World
Chicago - Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon: Make Me Smile/So Much to Say, So ...
Chicago - Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon: To Be Free/Now More Than Ever
Chicago - Beginnings
Chicago - Beginnings [Special Edit]
Chicago - Bethlehem
Chicago - Better
Chicago - Bigger Than Elvis
Chicago - Birthday Boy
Chicago - Blues in The Night
Chicago - Brand New Love Affair I Ii
Chicago - Broadway Baby
Chicago - Byblos
Chicago - Call On Me
Chicago - Candle for The Dark
Chicago - Canon
Chicago - Caravan
Chicago - Caroline
Chicago - Cell Block Tango
Chicago - Chains
Chicago - Chasin' The Wind
Chicago - Chicago
Chicago - Child's Prayer
Chicago - Christmas Song
Chicago - Christmas Time Is Here
Chicago - Class
Chicago - Closer to You
Chicago - Color My World
Chicago - Colour My World
Chicago - Come in from The Night
Chicago - Come To Me, Do
Chicago - Crazy Happy
Chicago - Critic's Choice
Chicago - Cry for The Lost
Chicago - Daniel
Chicago - Darlin' Dear
Chicago - Devil's Sweet
Chicago - Dialogue
Chicago - Dialogue (Part I)
Chicago - Dixie Chicken
Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know
Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Chicago - Does Anybody Really know What Time It Is? (Free Form Intro)
Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? [Special Edit]
Chicago - Doin' Business
Chicago - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Chicago - Dream a Little Dream of Me
Chicago - Dreamin' Home
Chicago - Explain It to My Heart
Chicago - Fallin' Out
Chicago - Fancy Colours
Chicago - Feel (Horn Section Mix)
Chicago - Feel (hot Single Mix)
Chicago - Feelin' Stronger Everday
Chicago - Feelin' Stronger Every Day
Chicago - Feels Like the First Time
Chicago - Feliz Navidad
Chicago - Finale
Chicago - Flight 602
Chicago - Follow Me
Chicago - For What It's Worth
Chicago - Forever
Chicago - Free
Chicago - Free at Last
Chicago - Free Country
Chicago - Free Form Guitar
Chicago - Gently I'll Wake You
Chicago - Get Away
Chicago - Get on This
Chicago - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Chicago - God Save The Queen
Chicago - Gone Long Gone
Chicago - Good for Nothing
Chicago - Good Lovin
Chicago - Goodbye
Chicago - Goody Goody
Chicago - Hanky Panky
Chicago - Happy 'cause I'm Going Home
Chicago - Happy Man
Chicago - Happy Man [Special Edit]
Chicago - Hard Habit To Break
Chicago - Hard to Say I Sorry
Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry/Get Away
Chicago - Harry Truman
Chicago - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Chicago - Heart in Pieces
Chicago - Hearts in Trouble [Single Edit][Version]
Chicago - Here In My Heart
Chicago - Here With Me (Candle For The Dark)
Chicago - Hideaway
Chicago - Hold On
Chicago - Holdin' On
Chicago - Hollywood
Chicago - Hope for Love
Chicago - Hot Streets
Chicago - How Long
Chicago - I Am Alive Again
Chicago - I Believe
Chicago - I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love
Chicago - I Don't Want Your Money
Chicago - I Stand Up
Chicago - I'd Rather Be Rich
Chicago - I'm A Man
Chicago - I'm a Man [Special Edit]
Chicago - I've Been Searching
Chicago - If It Were You
Chicago - If She Would Have Been Faithful
Chicago - If You Leave Me Now
Chicago - In Terms of Two
Chicago - In the Air Tonight
Chicago - In The Country
Chicago - In The Mood
Chicago - Introduction
Chicago - It Better End Soon - 4th
Chicago - It Better End Soon - 4th (Parts I-IV)
Chicago - It Better End Soon 4th Movement
Chicago - It Better End Soon: 1st Movement/3rd Movement/4th Movement [Special Ed]
Chicago - It's Alright
Chicago - Italian from New York
Chicago - Jenny
Chicago - Just You 'n' Me
Chicago - King Of Might Have Been
Chicago - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Chicago - Lets Take a Lifetime
Chicago - Liberation
Chicago - Life is What It Is
Chicago - Life Saver
Chicago - Listen
Chicago - Listen To The Music
Chicago - Little Drummer Boy
Chicago - Little Miss Lovin'
Chicago - Little One
Chicago - Loneliness is Just a Word
Chicago - Long Lost Friend
Chicago - Long Time No See
Chicago - Look Away
Chicago - Loser With a Broken Heart
Chicago - Love Lives On
Chicago - Love Me Tomarrow
Chicago - Love Me Tomorrow
Chicago - Love the One You're With
Chicago - Love Was New
Chicago - Love Will Come Back
Chicago - Lovin' Chains
Chicago - Lowdown
Chicago - Mah Jong
Chicago - Make Me Smile
Chicago - Mama Mama
Chicago - Mama Take
Chicago - Man to Woman
Chicago - Man Vs Man: The End
Chicago - Manipulation
Chicago - Memories of Love
Chicago - Mississippi Delta City Blues
Chicago - Mongonucleosis
Chicago - Moonlight Serenade
Chicago - More Will Be Revealed
Chicago - Morning Blues Again
Chicago - Mother
Chicago - Motorboat to Mars
Chicago - Movin' In
Chicago - Mr. Cellophane
Chicago - Mr. Cellophane
Chicago - Must Have Been Crazy
Chicago - Naked in the Garden of Allah
Chicago - Never Been in Love Before
Chicago - Niagara Falls
Chicago - Nice Girl
Chicago - Night & Day
Chicago - Nights In White Satin
Chicago - No Tell Lover
Chicago - No Tell Lover [Single Edit]
Chicago - Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now
Chicago - Now
Chicago - Now More Than Ever
Chicago - Now That You've Gone
Chicago - Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag
Chicago - O Come All Ye Faithful
Chicago - Off to Work
Chicago - Oh Thank You Great Spirit
Chicago - Old Days
Chicago - Once in a Lifetime
Chicago - Once or Twice
Chicago - Once Upon a Time...
Chicago - One from The Heart
Chicago - One Little Candle
Chicago - One More Day
Chicago - Only Love
Chicago - Only Time Can Heal The Wounded
Chicago - Only You
Chicago - Onlytime Can Heal The Wounded
Chicago - Over & Over
Chicago - Overnight Cafe
Chicago - Paradise Alley
Chicago - Plaid
Chicago - Please Hold On
Chicago - Pm Mourning
Chicago - Poem 58
Chicago - Poem for The People
Chicago - Policeman
Chicago - Prelude
Chicago - Prelude (Little One)/Little One
Chicago - Prelude to Aire
Chicago - Prima Donna
Chicago - Progress?
Chicago - Questions 67 & 68
Chicago - Rediscovery
Chicago - Remember The Feeling
Chicago - Reruns
Chicago - Rescue You
Chicago - Run Away
Chicago - Runaround
Chicago - Running On Empty
Chicago - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Chicago - Saturday In The Park
Chicago - Scrapbook
Chicago - Searchin' So Long
Chicago - Show Me a Sign
Chicago - Show Me The Way
Chicago - Silent Night
Chicago - Sing a Mean Tune Kid
Chicago - Sing, Sing, Sing
Chicago - Sister Golden Hair
Chicago - Skin Tight
Chicago - Skinny Boy
Chicago - Sleeping In The Middle Of The Bed
Chicago - Sleeping in The Middle of The Bed Again
Chicago - So Much to Say So Much to Give
Chicago - Somebody Somewhere
Chicago - Someday
Chicago - Something in This City Changes People
Chicago - Something's Coming, I Know
Chicago - Song For You
Chicago - Song of The Evergreens
Chicago - Sonny Think Twice
Chicago - Sophisticated Lady
Chicago - South California Purples
Chicago - State of The Union
Chicago - Stay The Night
Chicago - Street Player
Chicago - Street Player [Single Edit]
Chicago - Super Bowl Shuffle
Chicago - Take a Chance
Chicago - Take Me Back To Chicago
Chicago - Take the "A" Train
Chicago - Take The & Quot;a & Quot;Train
Chicago - The American Dream
Chicago - The Approaching Storm
Chicago - The Greatest Love on Earth
Chicago - The Inner Struggles of a Man
Chicago - The Only One
Chicago - The Only One [Promo Single Edit]
Chicago - The Pull
Chicago - The Road
Chicago - The Show Must Go On
Chicago - The Stone of Sisyphus
Chicago - This Time
Chicago - Thunder & Lightning
Chicago - Till The End of Time
Chicago - Till We Meet Again
Chicago - Time of the Season
Chicago - To Be Free
Chicago - Together Again
Chicago - Tonight's The Night
Chicago - Travel Suite: Flight 602 [Excerpt]
Chicago - Travel Suite: Free [Excerpt]
Chicago - Truckin
Chicago - Upon Arrival
Chicago - Uptown
Chicago - Victorious
Chicago - Vote for Me
Chicago - Waiting for You to Decide
Chicago - Wake up Sunshine
Chicago - Watching All the Colors
Chicago - We Both Reached for the Gun
Chicago - We Can Last Forever
Chicago - We Can Stop the Hurtin'
Chicago - We Can Stop The Hurting
Chicago - West Virginia Fantasies
Chicago - What Can I Say
Chicago - What Child Is This?
Chicago - What Does It Take
Chicago - What else Can I Say
Chicago - What Kind Of Man Would I Be?
Chicago - What You're Missing
Chicago - What You're Missing [Single Edit]
Chicago - What's This World Comin' To?
Chicago - When All The Laughter Dies in Sorrow
Chicago - When You're Good to Mama
Chicago - When You're Good to Mama
Chicago - Where Did The Lovin' Go
Chicago - Where Do We Go from Here
Chicago - Where Were You
Chicago - While The City Sleeps
Chicago - White Christmas
Chicago - Who Do You Love
Chicago - Why Can't We
Chicago - Will You Still Love Me
Chicago - Will You Still Love Me? [Single Version]
Chicago - Window Dreamin'
Chicago - Wishing You Were Here
Chicago - Woman Don't Want to Love Me
Chicago - You Are on My Mind
Chicago - You Came to My Senses
Chicago - You Come to My Senses
Chicago - You Get It Up
Chicago - You're Not Alone
Chicago - You're Not Alone [Single Mix][Version]
Chicago - You're The Inspiration