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Oh, Infamous City

Are you living free? That the creation itself will be liberated, from its bondage to decay, to the glorious children, nothing's the same as when we were abandoned then. We've tied a rope to one end to alleviate the stress and pardoned all your attempts at wisdom lest we all forget, lest we all forget about you now.

Running around again making it all worth seeing. I'll never be complete till we take whats inside and turn it out again. X2 Turn it back again before we fall.

Taken away from all we are, now the walls we shake my God, faith work your way down every heart, the more we face my god. strike as their consuming, fight off the blood thirsty.

The battle we fight is a riteous gain, the visions we have show a violent rien. Will you judge this city of bloodshed, that you turmoil in? Within you are slanderous men, restore what was once a beautiful thing.

In the face of my God I'll collapse.

We wait for the outcome, just face what you are running from (That's all we are, that's all we are, in the face of my God I am) so that in me you may have peace. I have overcome the world (That's all we are, that's all we are, in the face of my God I am)

My refuge, my fortress, defender, protector, my shelter, my shield, my tower of strength. My refuge, my fortress, defender, protector, tower of strengh, my tower of strength, come deliver me.