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Cantatonia - Acapulco Gold
Cantatonia - All Girls Are Fly
Cantatonia - Apathy Revolution
Cantatonia - Apple Core
Cantatonia - Arabian Derby
Cantatonia - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Cantatonia - Bad Bad Boy
Cantatonia - Beautiful Loser
Cantatonia - Beautiful Sailor
Cantatonia - Bleed
Cantatonia - Blow the Millennium, Blow 1
Cantatonia - Blow the Millennium, Blow 2
Cantatonia - Blues Song
Cantatonia - Branding A Mountain
Cantatonia - Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
Cantatonia - Bulimic Beats
Cantatonia - Cariadon Ffl
Cantatonia - Cariadon Ffôl
Cantatonia - Dazed, Beautiful And Bruised
Cantatonia - Dead From The Waist Down
Cantatonia - Difrycheulyd
Cantatonia - Do You Believe In Me?
Cantatonia - Don't Need the Sunshine
Cantatonia - Don't Wanna Talk About It
Cantatonia - Dream On
Cantatonia - Fall Beside Her
Cantatonia - For Tinkerbell
Cantatonia - Fuel
Cantatonia - Game On
Cantatonia - Godspeed
Cantatonia - Goldfish and Paracetamol
Cantatonia - Gyda Gwên
Cantatonia - Gyda Gwn
Cantatonia - Hooked
Cantatonia - I Am The Mob
Cantatonia - I'm Cured
Cantatonia - If I Was With A Woman
Cantatonia - Imaginary Friend
Cantatonia - Immediate Circle
Cantatonia - Indigo Blind
Cantatonia - Infantile
Cantatonia - Intercontinental Sigh
Cantatonia - International Velvet
Cantatonia - Is Everybody Here On Drugs?
Cantatonia - Johnny Come Lately
Cantatonia - Jump Or Be Sane
Cantatonia - Karaoke Queen
Cantatonia - Londinium
Cantatonia - Lost Cat
Cantatonia - Mantra For The Lost
Cantatonia - Mulder and Scully
Cantatonia - My Selfish Gene
Cantatonia - New Mercurial Heights
Cantatonia - No Stone Unturned
Cantatonia - Nothing Hurts
Cantatonia - Painful
Cantatonia - Part Of The Furniture
Cantatonia - Post Script
Cantatonia - Road Rage
Cantatonia - She's a Millionaire
Cantatonia - Shoot The Messenger
Cantatonia - Shore Leave
Cantatonia - Some Half Baked Ideal Called Wonderful
Cantatonia - Stone By Stone
Cantatonia - Storm The Palace
Cantatonia - Strange Glue
Cantatonia - Sweet Catatonia
Cantatonia - Thank You Stars
Cantatonia - That's All Folks
Cantatonia - The Ballad Of Tom Jones
Cantatonia - The More I See You
Cantatonia - The Mother Of Misogyny
Cantatonia - This Boy Can't Swim
Cantatonia - To And Fro
Cantatonia - Tourist
Cantatonia - Valerian
Cantatonia - Village Idiot
Cantatonia - Way Beyond Blue
Cantatonia - We'll Gather Lilacs
Cantatonia - Whale
Cantatonia - What It Is
Cantatonia - Why I Can't Stand One Night Stands
Cantatonia - You Can
Cantatonia - You've Got A Lot To Answer For