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Wire - 106 Beats That
Wire - A Bargain At 3 And 20 Yeah!
Wire - A Public Place
Wire - A Serious Of Snakes
Wire - Adapt
Wire - Ahead
Wire - All Fours
Wire - Ambitious
Wire - An Act Of Daily Journalism
Wire - Another The Letter
Wire - Are You Ready?
Wire - Boiling Boy
Wire - Champs
Wire - Circumspect
Wire - Come Back In Two Halves
Wire - Dot Dash
Wire - Drill
Wire - Eardrum Buzz
Wire - Ex Lion Tamer
Wire - Feed Me (II)
Wire - Feeling Called Love
Wire - Field Day For The Sundays
Wire - Follow The Locust
Wire - Footsi-Footsi
Wire - Four Long Years
Wire - Free Falling Divisions
Wire - French Film Blurred
Wire - German Shepherds
Wire - Hard Currency
Wire - I Am The Fly
Wire - I Feel Mysterious Today
Wire - If It's A Lie Then We Fight On That Lie
Wire - Illuminated
Wire - It Continues
Wire - It's A Boy
Wire - It's So Obvious
Wire - Kidney Bingos
Wire - Later For That Gangsta Bullshit
Wire - Lowdown
Wire - Marooned
Wire - Mekon Headman
Wire - Men 2nd
Wire - Moreover
Wire - Mr. Suit
Wire - No Cows On The Ice
Wire - Omar Comin
Wire - On Returning
Wire - One of Us
Wire - Outdoor Miner
Wire - Over Theirs (live)
Wire - Patient Flees
Wire - Perspex Icon
Wire - Pieta
Wire - Practice Makes Perfect
Wire - Reuters
Wire - Sand In My Joints
Wire - Silk Skin Paws
Wire - Straight Line
Wire - Tailor Made
Wire - The Finest Drops
Wire - The King Stay The King
Wire - The Offer
Wire - The Other Window
Wire - The Queen Of Ur And The King Of Um
Wire - This America, Man
Wire - Three Girl Rhumba
Wire - Torch It
Wire - Wars End
Wire - We Used To Make Shit In This Country
Wire - What The Fuck Did I Do?
Wire - Why Would Anyone Ever Wanna Leave Baltimore?
Wire - You Remember That One Day Summer Past?