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Whitlams - 1995
Whitlams - 400 Miles From Darwin
Whitlams - Band On Every Corner
Whitlams - Been Away Too Long
Whitlams - Best Work
Whitlams - Blow Up The Pokies
Whitlams - Breathing You In
Whitlams - Bring Me Back
Whitlams - Buy Now Pay Later (charlie No.2)
Whitlams - Charlie No.1
Whitlams - Charlie No.3
Whitlams - Chunky Chunky Air Guitar
Whitlams - Coming Over
Whitlams - Cries Too Hard
Whitlams - Don't Love Too Long
Whitlams - Ease of the Midnight Visit
Whitlams - End Of Your World
Whitlams - Fall for You
Whitlams - Following My Own Tracks
Whitlams - God Drinks at the Sando (1997)
Whitlams - Gone Surfing
Whitlams - Gough
Whitlams - Happy Days
Whitlams - Her Floor is My Ceiling
Whitlams - High Ground
Whitlams - Hollow Log
Whitlams - I Get High
Whitlams - I Make Hamburgers
Whitlams - I Was Alive
Whitlams - I Will Not Go Quietly (Duffy's Song)
Whitlams - I'm Different
Whitlams - I'm Still Faithful
Whitlams - If I Only Had a Brain
Whitlams - Jumpin' Leprechauns
Whitlams - Kate Kelly
Whitlams - Keep the Light On
Whitlams - Last Life
Whitlams - Laugh in Their Faces
Whitlams - Life's A Beach
Whitlams - Love is Everywhere
Whitlams - Made Me Hard
Whitlams - Make the World Safe
Whitlams - Melbourne
Whitlams - Met My Match
Whitlams - Mum's Going Out
Whitlams - No Aphrodisiac
Whitlams - Out the Back
Whitlams - Pass The Flagon
Whitlams - Peter Collard
Whitlams - Pigeons in the Attic
Whitlams - Pigeons In The Attic Room
Whitlams - Pretty As You
Whitlams - Putting On A Show
Whitlams - Royal In the Afternoon
Whitlams - Shining
Whitlams - Start My Cellar Again
Whitlams - Tangled Up in Blue
Whitlams - Thankyou (for loving me at my worst)
Whitlams - The Ballad Of Lester Walker
Whitlams - The Curse Stops Here
Whitlams - The Lights Are Back On
Whitlams - There's No-one
Whitlams - Time
Whitlams - Tonight
Whitlams - Unreliable
Whitlams - Up Against the Wall
Whitlams - Where Is She
Whitlams - Where's The Enemy
Whitlams - Winter Lovin'
Whitlams - Woody
Whitlams - You Don't Even Know My Name
Whitlams - You Gotta Love This City
Whitlams - You Sound Like Louis Burdett
Whitlams - You'll Find A Way