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Gone Gone Gone

Theres a sound comin out of the radio
Nothing like its been heard here before
And theyre all spinnin round, goin crazy-o
As they rush to the music store
And they buy it and listen and groove a bit
Till the next song just like it appears
Then its gone, gone, gone then its gone
And they wont remember squat about it
Nothing left thats hot about it, gone, gone.

Theres a new iteration of beauty queen
Everybodys been talkin about
Shes the body and face of the movie scene
With the glamour that clamors too loud
And America cant get enough of her
Till the noveltys no longer new
Then its gone, gone, gone, then its gone
And if yesterday she owned the market
Now its time for her to park it,
Gone, gone, gone its gone!

Thanks for telling me
What youre selling mes
So compelling, Im hip to the scene
Your invention got my attention but theres no retention
No blip on the screen!

Theres a headline parade screaming out at us
Every storys the biggest one yet
And the sturm and the drang that they shout at us
Are the stories we wont soon forget
Until what do you know, weve forgotten them
Cant remember just who, what, or why
Its all gone, gone, gone, here and gone
Because everything and nothings famous
Only here to infotain us, gone, gone, gone.

Fill my brain with fluff
Make it rain with stuff
Stuff inane enough it wont last a wink
Keep it coming, the constant drumming, electrons humming
I dont have to think!

Theres a fever thats reaching its pinnacle
And I dont even know what about
Well forgive me if Im being cynical
But Im just trying to figure it out
Will the network of neurons be notified
Will the synapses send me a sign
Before its gone, gone, already gone?
And in case Ive missed the big one, darn it
Hope I catch the reincarnate gone.
If you find reflecting too perplexing
Wait a minute for the next thing gone!