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Ub40 - (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You
Ub40 - 12 Bar
Ub40 - 25%
Ub40 - Adella
Ub40 - After Tonight
Ub40 - All I Want to Do
Ub40 - Always There
Ub40 - As Always You Were Wrong Again
Ub40 - B - Line
Ub40 - Baby
Ub40 - Baby I Love Your Way
Ub40 - Blood & Fire
Ub40 - Blue Bilet Doux
Ub40 - Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain
Ub40 - Breakfast in Bed
Ub40 - Bring Me Your Cup
Ub40 - Burden of Shame
Ub40 - Can't Help Falling In Love
Ub40 - Cause It Isn't True
Ub40 - Cherry Oh Baby
Ub40 - Come Back Darling
Ub40 - Come Out to Play
Ub40 - Contaminated Minds
Ub40 - Cover Up
Ub40 - Crying Over You
Ub40 - Crying Time
Ub40 - C`est La Vie
Ub40 - D. U. B
Ub40 - Dance With The Devil
Ub40 - Demonstrate
Ub40 - Desert Sand
Ub40 - Doctor X
Ub40 - Don't Blame Me
Ub40 - Don't Break My Heart
Ub40 - Don't Walk on The Grass
Ub40 - Don`t Do The Crime
Ub40 - Don`t Let is Pass You By
Ub40 - Don`t Slow Down
Ub40 - Dream a Lie
Ub40 - Drop on by
Ub40 - Dubmobile
Ub40 - Everything is better now
Ub40 - Falling In Love With You
Ub40 - Fight Fe Come In
Ub40 - Folitician
Ub40 - Folitician (remix)
Ub40 - Food for Thought
Ub40 - Forget The Cost
Ub40 - Freestyler
Ub40 - Friendly Fire
Ub40 - Getting Over the Storm
Ub40 - Good Ambition
Ub40 - Groovin'
Ub40 - Guilty
Ub40 - Guns in The Ghetto
Ub40 - Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Ub40 - Happiness
Ub40 - He'll Have To Go
Ub40 - Here I Am
Ub40 - Here I Am (come And Take Me)
Ub40 - Higher Ground
Ub40 - Hip Hop Lyrical Robot
Ub40 - Hit It
Ub40 - Hold Your Position
Ub40 - Holly Holy
Ub40 - Homely Girl
Ub40 - How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live
Ub40 - How Will I Get Through This
Ub40 - Hurry Come Up
Ub40 - I Did What I Did
Ub40 - I Didn't Know
Ub40 - I Got You Babe
Ub40 - I knew you
Ub40 - I Love It when You Smile
Ub40 - I Really Can't Say
Ub40 - I Think It`s Going to Rain Today
Ub40 - I Won't Close My Eyes
Ub40 - I won't close my eyes (remix)
Ub40 - I Would Do for You
Ub40 - I'll Be On My Way
Ub40 - I'm Not Fooled
Ub40 - I've Been Missing You
Ub40 - I've Got Mine
Ub40 - If It Happens Again
Ub40 - If You Ever Have Forever
Ub40 - Impossible
Ub40 - Impossible Love
Ub40 - It's My Delight
Ub40 - It's True
Ub40 - It`s a Long Long Way
Ub40 - Johnny Too Bad
Ub40 - Just Another Girl
Ub40 - Just be good (Bushman club)
Ub40 - Just What's Killing Me
Ub40 - Keep on Moving
Ub40 - King
Ub40 - King Step
Ub40 - Kings Row
Ub40 - Kingston Town
Ub40 - Kiss An Say Goodbye
Ub40 - Kiss And Say Goodbye
Ub40 - Lambsbread
Ub40 - Legalise It
Ub40 - Let Me Know
Ub40 - Lisa
Ub40 - Little By Little
Ub40 - Looking Down at My Reflection
Ub40 - Love is All is Alright
Ub40 - Love Is All Is Alright (remix)
Ub40 - Love It When You Smile
Ub40 - Lyric officer
Ub40 - Madam Medusa
Ub40 - Magic Carpet
Ub40 - Many Rivers
Ub40 - Many Rivers To Cross
Ub40 - Matter of Time
Ub40 - Maybe Tomorrow
Ub40 - Mi Spliff
Ub40 - Midnight Rider
Ub40 - Mr Fix It
Ub40 - Music So Nice
Ub40 - My Best Girl
Ub40 - My Way of Thinking
Ub40 - Neonhaze
Ub40 - Never Let You Go
Ub40 - Nkomo a Go Go
Ub40 - Nothing Without You
Ub40 - Now & Then
Ub40 - On the Other Hand
Ub40 - One in Ten
Ub40 - Only Fools Rush In
Ub40 - Oracabessa Moonshine
Ub40 - Please Don`t Make Me Cry
Ub40 - Present Arms
Ub40 - Present Arms in Dub
Ub40 - Promises & Lies
Ub40 - Rat In Me Kitchen
Ub40 - Rat in Mi Kitchen
Ub40 - Reasons
Ub40 - Reckless
Ub40 - Red Red Wine
Ub40 - Reefer Madness
Ub40 - Reggae Music
Ub40 - Return of Dr. X
Ub40 - Riddle Me
Ub40 - Rudie
Ub40 - Sardonicus
Ub40 - Seasons
Ub40 - She Caught The Train
Ub40 - Signing Off
Ub40 - Silent Witness
Ub40 - Since I Met You Lady
Ub40 - Sing Our Own Song
Ub40 - Singer Man
Ub40 - Smile for Me
Ub40 - Smoke It
Ub40 - So destructive
Ub40 - So Here I Am
Ub40 - Someone like me
Ub40 - Someone Like You
Ub40 - Something More Than This
Ub40 - Somethin` Stupid
Ub40 - Sorry
Ub40 - Soul Rebel
Ub40 - Sparkle Of My Eyes
Ub40 - Stand Out
Ub40 - Stay a Little Bit Longer
Ub40 - Stick By Me
Ub40 - Strange Fruit
Ub40 - Style
Ub40 - Superstition
Ub40 - Sweet Cherrie
Ub40 - Sweet Sensation
Ub40 - Swing low
Ub40 - Tears from My Eyes
Ub40 - Tell It Like It Is
Ub40 - Tell Me is It True
Ub40 - That Look in Your Eye
Ub40 - The Buzz Feeling
Ub40 - The Earth Dies Screaming
Ub40 - The Elevator
Ub40 - The Key
Ub40 - The Pillow
Ub40 - The Piper Calls The Tune
Ub40 - The Prisoner
Ub40 - The Time Has Come
Ub40 - The Train is Coming
Ub40 - The Way You Do The Things You Do
Ub40 - Things Ain't Like They Used to Be
Ub40 - Two in a One
Ub40 - Tyler
Ub40 - Until My Dying Day
Ub40 - V's Version
Ub40 - Verison Girl
Ub40 - Walkout
Ub40 - Watchdogs
Ub40 - Waw Waw Waw
Ub40 - Way you do the things yo do
Ub40 - Wear You to The Ball
Ub40 - Wedding Day
Ub40 - Where Did I Go Wrong
Ub40 - Who You Fighting For?
Ub40 - Wild Cat
Ub40 - Write Off The Debt
Ub40 - You & Me
Ub40 - You Could Meet Somebody
Ub40 - You're Always Pulling Me Down
Ub40 - You're Not an Army
Ub40 - Young guns
Ub40 - Your Eyes Were Open