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Rufus - Ain't Nobody
Rufus - Ain't Nothin' But A Maybe
Rufus - Ain't That Peculiar
Rufus - Any Love
Rufus - At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)
Rufus - Best Of Your Heart
Rufus - Better Days
Rufus - Better Together
Rufus - Blue Love
Rufus - Body Heat
Rufus - Change Your Ways
Rufus - Close The Door
Rufus - Dance Wit Me
Rufus - Desert Night
Rufus - Destiny
Rufus - Do You Love What You Feel ?
Rufus - Don't Go To Strangers
Rufus - Earth Song
Rufus - Egyptian Song
Rufus - Everlasting Love
Rufus - Feel Good
Rufus - Half Moon
Rufus - Haulin' Coal
Rufus - Heaven Bound
Rufus - Highlight
Rufus - Hollywood
Rufus - I Finally Found You
Rufus - I Got The Right Street (But The Wrong Direction)
Rufus - I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone)
Rufus - I'm Dancing For Your Love
Rufus - Imaginary Air
Rufus - In Love We Grow
Rufus - Jigsaw
Rufus - Jive Talkin'
Rufus - Keep It Coming
Rufus - Lilah
Rufus - Live In Me
Rufus - Look Through My Eyes
Rufus - Losers In Love
Rufus - Magic In Your Eyes
Rufus - Masterjam
Rufus - Maybe Your Baby
Rufus - Medley: Love The One You're With/Sit Yourself Down
Rufus - Modest Life
Rufus - Music Man (The D.J. Song)
Rufus - Once You Get Started
Rufus - One Million Kisses
Rufus - Ooh I Like Your Loving
Rufus - Pack'd My Bags
Rufus - Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me Of A Friend)
Rufus - Quandary
Rufus - Rendezvous
Rufus - Right Is Right
Rufus - Sarah
Rufus - Satisfied
Rufus - Secret Friend
Rufus - Sharing The Love
Rufus - Simplicity of Bliss
Rufus - Smokin' Room
Rufus - Somebody's Watching You
Rufus - Stay
Rufus - Stop On By
Rufus - Stranger To Love
Rufus - Street Player
Rufus - Sundream
Rufus - Sweet Thing
Rufus - Swing Down Chariot
Rufus - Take Me
Rufus - Tell Me Something Good
Rufus - The Motion Waltz ( Emotional Commotion )
Rufus - There's No Tellin'
Rufus - Tonight
Rufus - True Love
Rufus - Try A Little Understanding
Rufus - Turn
Rufus - Two Clocks
Rufus - Unforgiven
Rufus - Walk The Rockway
Rufus - Walkin' In The Sun
Rufus - What Am I Missing?
Rufus - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me ?
Rufus - Whoever's Thrilling You (Is Killing Me)
Rufus - You Got The Love
Rufus - Your Smile