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Lucero - 1979
Lucero - A Heart So True
Lucero - Across the River
Lucero - Ahora Estoy Sin Tí
Lucero - Ain't So Lonely
Lucero - All Sewn Up
Lucero - All The Same To Me
Lucero - All These Love Songs
Lucero - Amor Virtual
Lucero - And We Fell
Lucero - Anjalee
Lucero - Banks Of The Arkansas
Lucero - Better Than This
Lucero - Bike Riders
Lucero - California
Lucero - Can't Feel A Thing
Lucero - Chain Link Fence
Lucero - Coming Home
Lucero - Crystal Blue
Lucero - Dangerous Thing
Lucero - Daño Irreparable
Lucero - Darby's Song
Lucero - Darken My Door
Lucero - Diamond State Heartbreak
Lucero - Downtown (intro)
Lucero - Drink 'Till We're Gone
Lucero - Dueña De Tu Amor
Lucero - Eres Todo
Lucero - Esta Vez La Primera Soy Yo
Lucero - Eterno Es Este Amor
Lucero - Fistful of Tears
Lucero - Go Easy
Lucero - Gone To The Sea
Lucero - Hate And Jealousy
Lucero - Hearts On Fire
Lucero - Hello Sadness
Lucero - Here at the Starlite
Lucero - Hold Fast
Lucero - Hold Me Close
Lucero - I Can't Stand to Leave You
Lucero - I'll Just Fall
Lucero - In Lonesome Times
Lucero - Indispensable
Lucero - Into Your Eyes
Lucero - Is That You I've Been Kissing
Lucero - It Ain't Gonna Be Good
Lucero - It Gets the Worst at Night
Lucero - It May Be Too Late
Lucero - Joining The Army
Lucero - Juniper
Lucero - Last Night In Town
Lucero - Like Lightning
Lucero - Little Silver Heart
Lucero - Mi Refugio Y Libertad
Lucero - Mine Tonight
Lucero - Mucho Más Que Dos
Lucero - My Best Girl
Lucero - Nights Like These
Lucero - No Roses No More
Lucero - Nobody's Darlings
Lucero - Noon As Dark As Midnight
Lucero - Old Sad Songs
Lucero - On My Way Downtown
Lucero - Poor Heartache
Lucero - Raising Hell
Lucero - Rasing Hell
Lucero - Sad and Lonely
Lucero - She Wakes When She Dreams
Lucero - Shelter
Lucero - Siempre Contigo
Lucero - Sing Me No Hymns
Lucero - Sixteen
Lucero - Slow Dancing
Lucero - Sometimes
Lucero - Sound Of The City
Lucero - Summer Song
Lucero - Sweet Little Thing
Lucero - Te Quiero Aunque No Quiera
Lucero - Tears Don't Matter Much
Lucero - Tell Me What It Takes
Lucero - That Much Further West
Lucero - The Blue And The Gray
Lucero - The Last Pale Light In the West
Lucero - The Last Song
Lucero - The Only One
Lucero - The War
Lucero - Took The Fall
Lucero - Wandering Star
Lucero - Wasted
Lucero - Watch It Burn
Lucero - When I Was Young
Lucero - When You Decided To Leave
Lucero - When You're Gone
Lucero - Who You Waiting On?
Lucero - Women & Work