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[Verse 1:]
Im like the Energizer bunny, Im a lifelong lasting battery,
I used to struggle to write these songs, but now this shit just comes so naturally,
I dont know when Ill quit stop asking me, you fucks are getting so annoying,
If you ask me one more time I swear to God you will never hear the last of me,
Ill stuff your face til you suffocate, fuck the wait Ill bust a grape,
Now must I say Im just insane and if you dont like it run away,
My lifes a game, you want to play our fun can end another day,
But you better catch up before I win, youre losing kid Im one away,
Im going to say what Ive come to say now drop to your knees and learn to take it,
Monster sleeping in my head and I guess it wouldnt hurt to wake it,
False, itll only be worse to make it angry to the point that it rips you naked,
I promised that Id never blow now watch me take my word and break it.

You cant escape from this place so just stay right there,
When youre trying to fight these demons they dont fight fair,
I look right into the kiddys eye like hi there,
Welcome to my asylum its a nightmare.

[Verse 2:]
Mr. K. Sleezy has feelings like me, but he was the first damn person to show it,
I got the little guy living inside my head what am I I said its a curse and I know it,
But I need him by my side to give me the strength and courage I need to verse my opponent,
And pop out, smack him around for a bit til hes screaming cause it hurts when I donut,
Wait, what about a donut? A donut.
Donut? Yeah, dont you like donuts?
Nah. Have you ever had a Hurtz donut?
What the hells a Hurtz do (Punch) Hurts, dont it!? (Hahahahahaha!)
Im here to stay for rounds to come so you better pack a lunch marine,
Cause boy Im sick Im the type to stick my dick in a Pack-A-Punch machine,
Girl I aint playing with you, whats this look like Call Of Duty, God youre fruity,
Look at you youre all into me, pull yourself together hottie oowee!


[Verse 3:]
Speak to the devil then I sell my soul, pedal to the metal then to hell I go,
Theres a fairytale in everybody, let me tell you the tale of a tale I know,
This right here is the story of a man who just doesnt know where the hell hes been,
Or where the hell he is, so tell me this, can you try to put your mind where your belly is,
Try having your thoughts shoved down your throat all day long you can tell hes pissed,
You want my two cents on a record now heres a penny for my thoughts try selling this,
I give my thoughts to the mic and it looks back at me like what the hell is this,
Im a second away from pulling a gun and putting more holes in me than a deli Swiss,
Load it, cock it, aim dont stop it, point to my head say cheese and shoot,
Men look at me like what the hell, women look at me like hes a hoot,
What got me here is the one thing that I cease to do, but its pleasing you,
Want me to tell you my biggest secret (yeah) well thats too bad cause Im teasing you.