מיוזיקרום הנו פורטל מוזיקה המכיל מילים לשירים,
חדשות, פורומים, לוח הופעות, האזנה לרדיו אונליין ועוד. קרא עוד על MusicRoom
ניהול הבלוג
חדשות מוזיקה
לוח הופעות


Waves are calling to oblivion,
in shades of blue
Piling ships&boats; in open
& drowning crew
Tears & dust & salt & rust,
it's all in the end.
Feel a bit pissed off and raged.
But I don't want you to fade in me..

All my waves,
turn away,
How could you harm me more than this?

Dive in here..
swim in fear...
turn away
I don't want you drown in tears,
I want you to spend in here this night,
And when I wake I wanna feel
All my waves disappear.

Oh just dare to look in the eyes,
of soldiers of time.
There is nothing you could see,
they're blank&blind;.
Oceans drags you down to the bottom.
You'll find them in there.
They will take you to the place
Just for you prepared.

All my waves..
all my waves of tears.
All my waves are killing me.

So soon I'd like to live the day
To catch the shore and kiss the soil
To shut Ovidiuse's mouth in my heart
To hear him telling me no more:

"Doneceris felix multos numerabis amicos
Tempora si fuerint; nubila solus eris."

In other words I'd like to have you by my side
To feel the state of love&trust; and feed the life
Stop calling names of angels,
Even if they come you ought a pray.
'Cause those who come they never stay
To calm the sea,
to take the waves away.
Come on, tell me;
You can say:
What have I lived?
What have I seen?
What can I do?