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Annie's sleeping in her rockin' chair,
Away from the crowd.
Doesn't think about world like carousel,
Swinging around and around
I think
She could disappear in thin air,
Within the white, picked fence of hers.
Riding on a cloud, to come and flash,
With a word to take away all my heart blures.

tell me why you've been runnin'?
For God sake Annie tell me
Why you've been hiding,
What you've been hiding from?
I need a word with you,
But the words don't come,
And it's worse and worse,
But I'm not playing dumb.
And I'm not playing I'm in love.
No, I'm not playing I'm in love.

When they ask me why,
I should lie, I should lie.
If they're accusing me,
I should deny, should deny.
I think of running,
I say "shouldn't I?"
But I won't leave behind my back
Your eyes to cry,
Eyes to cry.

Annie's sleeping in her rocking chair,
Away from the crowd.
Annie's dreaming about her parents,
How she makes them proud
i'm roaming through the maze-her mind,
Trying to find her own weak spot.
Will she be calling her proud parents
When I find what she's got?

She's got conscience, her obligations,
All work and no play makes Annie a dull girl.
A word to wise, a word to wise.
She doesn't listen to my words, that's no surprise!
Don't live your life to be smart,
You gotta live your life to be loved,
Just find a perfect match.
You're losing your mind,
You're losing your sense,
You're losing it all.
You've hit a bad patch.

You live your life, you live it by your wits.
You're gonna live it down, live it down.
You've got to make a little go a long way,
You're gonna live it down, live it down.