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Take a minute

מילים: ריקי ישי
לחן: ריקי ישי
Why don't you take a minute
Before you go and break
All that we built
All that we have
Why don't you take a minute
Before you start to pack
all your things and leave me bleed on the floor

and i know that it's raining outside
but its colder in here
how do you feel
why don't you say

'Couse i cant breath without your love
and i can't sleep without your hug
and i just fear
i won't heal
without your love

why don't you take a minute
before you say all those words
that are breaking my heart
and piercing my soul

and know i was wrong every time that i looked at another
baby don't bother
say it again

even though I was sometimes a mess
I loved you with all of my heart
I'm only human I'm making mistakes
and I'm regretting it right now
you say too little
you say too late
but i think it's your weakness that says it
and please don't forget
who was beside you
when you didn't have anyone else

Cause I cant breath
no I can't sleep
no I can't breath