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Ice Cream

מילים: גל דייבידסון ואלון קץ
לחן: גל דייבידסון ואלון קץ
Ice Cream

There’s ice cream and cotton candy baby

And all the sweets you want, for you

And if it's money is that you seek my darling

I'll pay it all just to be with you

All I need is you my little girl

To feel alive again

Let me be your man my love

Or fill my soul with pain

There are flowers in every color darling

And I don’t mind, I'll give them all to you

And my soil is very fertile love

My flower bed is calling out for you

Give me one more chance, my dear

To fill your heart with joy

Let me be your man, my love

Or fill my soul with pain

There’s ice cream and cotton candy, baby

And I won’t give those sweets to you

And if it's money that you seek, my darling

Hell, I wouldn't toss a dime to be with you

I don't love you no more, you evil bird

Hell, I don’t want be your man

In the fog of love, we couldn’t see

We left our roses in the rain